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transcribed by Robert M. Murphy

August 2001


Wilson Cemetery is located in Barre Town, Vermont, at the southwest corner of the intersection of two town highways, Quarry Hill Road and Websterville Road. The earliest burial date appearing on gravestones in this cemetery is 1793. The cemetery is still active and is well maintained; some of the old marble gravestones, however, are badly worn and difficult to read.

A map obtained from the Barre Town Cemetery Commission shows owners for many of the cemetery lots. However, the map is apparently not to scale, incomplete, and made determining to which lot broken, uninscribed or unreadable gravestones belonged difficult.

This cemetery has been transcribed in twelve sections, as indicated on the cemetery layout map. (Click here to view a rough map of the cemetery. Distances were determined by pacing; therefore, the dimensions shown are approximate.) For the most part, the gravestones are laid out neatly in well-defined rows. However, in some sections, notably sections X and XII, there are some areas where selecting a row to which a stone belongs is somewhat arbitrary. At the beginning of the transcriptions for each section, the orientation of the rows is described, and the point at which transcriptions was begun is also indicated.

 How to use the index.

To the extent possible, inscriptions are copied exactly as they appear on the stones. However, epitaphs were not transcribed. Where portions of the inscription were uncertain, they are included in brackets, e.g., 1[827]. Portions unreadable or missing are indicated by dashes in brackets, e.g., son of [---]. On some of the stones, a birth date was given, but no death date has been inscribed; in those cases, the missing date is indicated by underline, e.g., 1823-____. Where I felt additional explanations were necessary, I have added my comments within brackets.

 Engraved devices appear on many stones, indicating membership in an organization or society. Although some are self-explanatory, the following is a list of abbreviations or other text encountered, and some comments about each.



B./O.S.C. Order of Scottish Clans. Significance of the "B" is unknown to this compiler
B.P.O.E. Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks.
F. of A. Foresters of America.
F.L.T. These initials usually appear within three joined links of chain, and stand for Friendship, Love and Truth. F.L.T. often appears as part of the I.O.O.F. emblem.
G.A.R. Grand Army of the Republic.
I.O.O.F. Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
I.O.R.M. or Imp’d. O.R.M. Improved Order of Red Men
K. of C Knights of Columbus.
M.W.A. Modern Woodmen of America.
P. of H. Patrons of Husbandry (Vermont State Grange)
P.F.L.E. This appears on the Vincitia Temple emblem. Meaning is unknown to this compiler.
Pocahontas Council This is an affiliate of the I.O.R.M.
St. Aldemar Commandery Associated with the Masonic organization
T.O.T.E. Often appears as part of the I.O.R.M. emblem. Meaning is unknown to this compiler
Vincitia Temple Associated with the Knights of Pythias

It is to be noted that on some stones, the relationships between persons listed and the surnames that go with those persons was not always obvious. In such cases, I have generally listed the person under all likely surname interpretations. I have also made some assumptions in the case of females’ maiden names. Where, for instance, a John Jones and his wife, Mary Smith Jones, appear, I have assumed that Smith is Mary’s maiden name and have indexed her under both Jones and Smith. (Maiden names are shown in parentheses. An unknown maiden name for a married woman is shown as “(--)”.) It is hoped that by taking the liberties just described, the search for persons within this cemetery will be aided. I apologize for any errors made in my assumptions of surnames and maiden names.

Robert M. Murphy

Burial Lot Index by Last Name - through August 2001

To locate an individual grave use the burial lot index. Next to the name is a page number. Use the page number to determine which link below you will select.

Cemetery Section
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Cemetery inscriptions: Section I Pages 1 - 2
Cemetery inscriptions: Section II Pages 3 - 6
Cemetery inscriptions: Section III Pages 7 - 11
Cemetery inscriptions: Section IV Pages 12 - 14
Cemetery inscriptions: Section V Pages 15 - 25
Cemetery inscriptions: Section VI Pages 26 - 37
Cemetery inscriptions: Section VII Pages 38 - 47
Cemetery inscriptions: Section VIII Pages 48 - 52
Cemetery inscriptions: Section IX Pages 53 - 56
Cemetery inscriptions: Section X Pages 57 - 67
Cemetery inscriptions: Section XI Pages 68 - 75
Cemetery inscriptions: Section XII
Pages 76 - 83

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