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Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District

Christmas Tree Collection

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Lawn Waste Site

Green Up Day

Wilson Depot

The Town of Barre does not provide and does not contract for collection of household waste (municipal solid waste). Residents and businesses of Barre Town must make their own arrangements for trash removal and recylcing. Options consist of curbside collection and dropping off trash and recylclables at a licensed drop collection point. Numerous haulers set up collection points in the area on Saturdays. The most notable collection point is located at 109 Pitman Road, Wilson Industrial Park, otherwise known as the Wilson Dept. Recyclables, tires, scrap metal, electronics, construction demo, and used motor oil are accepted at this location.


Vermont law designates solid waste management districts which are municipal corporations capable of enacting ordinances and levying taxes. Towns and cities must belong to a solid waste management district or adopt a Solid Waste Plan that receives State approval. Barre Town is a member of the Central Vermont Waste Management District (CVSWMD). For more information contact CVSWMD (802) 229-9383 or visit their website


Barre Town provides four (4) solid waste services. During the first two weeks of January, the Department of Public Works (DPW) collects Christmas trees for chipping mulch. Trees are picked up north of Route 302 during the first week. Trees in the souther area are removed during the second week. The November newsletter gives details.


The semi-annual bulk trash collection is very popular amongst residents. This event takes place on the second Saturday in May and the third Saturday in September. For full details review the April and August editions of the Town newsletter.


- Computers, televisions, or other large electronic devices may be taken to Wilson Depot;

- Tires (may be taken to the Wilson Depot);

- Magazines (may be taken to the Wilson Depot);

- Grass clippings, leaves and brush (may be taken to the Holden Road lawn waste drop-off site);

- Bags and boxes of trash or recyclables (except corrugated cardboard);

- Fluorescent light bulbs, paint cans, driveway sealer, roofing tar, and all other hazardous wastes must go to the CVSWMDs household hazardous collection.

Town Policy: (1) This service is for Barre Town residents only; proof of residency is required. You may be turned away if residency cannot be verified. A utility bill or Town tax bill with name and address will serve as identification. (2) Loads on trucks larger than 1-ton size will not be accepted. (3) Salvaging is permitted on the day of collection. (4) This service is for large bulk items, not small items that could be disposed of through typical weekly trash collection.


Proper disposal of leaves, grass clippings, tree branches, and hedge clippings is becoming more complicated as people live closer together. Barre Town has set up a lawn waste drop-off/composting site on Holden Road located in the Lower Graniteville area. Residents may haul their lawn waste to the site and deposit the material on the proper pile. Composted leaves and wood mulch are available for the taking.

In 2003 the Selectboard adopted an ordinance regulating the use of the lawn waste and composting site. Vehicle owners, or the operator if known, could be fined for using the site contrary to these simple regulations:

  • The site is to be used only when open; the DPW staffs the site on Saturday mornings May through Octboer. Volunteers monitor the site during the week. Volunteer hours change from season to season.
  • Leaves, brush, grass and other vegatative matter must be deposited in designated areas
  • Littering and illegal dumping are prohibited
  • The site is for Barre Town residents' non-commercial use only
  • Maximum brush size is 5" in diameter; larger tree branches and trunks may be left in the designated firewood area
  • Prohibited materials include:metal, dog manure, animal carcasses, household garbage, stumps, kitty litter, tires, large trash items, bags, boxes, rope, string, plastic, dirt, stones, bricks, blocks, concrete and asphalt.

    Hours of Operation for 2015:

    Every Saturday (opening date to be announced) 8:00 a.m. - Noon
    Wednesdays (opening April 30) 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Thursdays (starting May 1st) 9:00 a.m. - noon


    Green Up Day is a 40+ year tradition in Vermont. Barre Town participates in the annual spring clean up held the first Saturday of May. Clubs, organizations, families, and neighborhood groups volunteer to clean up litter and other debris from public areas. The Town provides collection of debris from public areas, along with collection and disposal of litter and bulk items cleaned up by scores of volunteers. Safety vests and road signs are provided where needed. The Town also offers latex gloves. Vermont Green Up Day supplies the durable trash bags.

    Please read the 2015 Green Up Day volunteer "need to know information." Click on the link or the QR code (left) to view the Sign Up List for areas of Town that have been assigned for clean up. The list will be updated daily around 3:00 p.m.

  • For more information about this event or to volunteer contact or call 479-9331.


    Wilson Depot is located on Pitman Road in Barre Towns Wilson Industrial Park. The depot is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Service is provided by Earth Waste and Metal. For more information visit their website

    Common Disposal Fee Schedule:
    (subject to change by Earth Waste Systems)

    Trash Related Items:
    Bagged Household Trash $2.50 per 15 gallon/12.5 lbs. bag
      $4 per 30 gallon/25 lb bag
      $6 per bag over 25 lb.
    Carpet & Padding 6' x 8' is the largest accepted, charge will be $4 per 25 lbs.
    Mattresses/Box Springs $15 each, $5 for crib size
    Couches Minimum $20; $4 per 25 lbs.
    Recliners Minimum $15; $4 per 25 lbs.

    Recyclables-MUST BE CLEAN
    (including cardboard):

    For Eath Waste and Metal's latest User Price List click here.



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