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Public Notices and Postings

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Purpose: On this page you will find all special meeting and public hearing notices, and Town Meeting and Election Warnings that are required to be published in a local newspaper. Occassionally, a state agency will send the Town Clerk a notice to post on the office bulletin board. Those notices will be posted on this page. Notices sent to the Town by other government agencies, (such as Washington County, Fire Districts, School Districts), also will be posted here.

For board and commission/committee meeting agendas and minutes click on Boards and Commissions.For Town staff contact information click on Departments.

To review the various notices and positing click the corresponding type, then select from the dropdown.

Local Government: Special Meetings, Public Hearings, Election Information
Winter regulations will be going into effect soon. Click here to obtain details regarding no parking, snowplowing, and more.

State Notices: Act 250, etc.
Wetland Permit from Windy Wood Housing LLC. Comments can be filed through March 5, 2014
The Department of Enviromental Conservation will a Public Meeting on the proposed Flood Hazard Area and River Corridor General Permit on February 27, 2015.

Other items: School District Information, Fire District, and Washington County
Spaulding Union High School Board meeting agenda for March 2, 2015
Barre Town Middle & Elementary School meeting agenda for March 4, 2015
Barre Town Curriculm & Teacher Support Committee meeting agenda for March 4, 2015
Regional Advisory Board for Barre Tech Center regular meeting, March 24, 2015
VSAC - free college planning workshops scheduled during March and April , 2015
Barre Voc Tech Enterprise Inc meeting on May 6, 2015
Barre Advisory Board for Barre Tech Center regular meeting May 12, 2015


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