Public Notices

Public Notices

On this page you will find all special meeting and public hearing notices, and Town Meeting and Election Warnings that will also be published in a local newspaper. Occasionally, a state agency will send the Town Clerk a notice to post as well. Notices sent to the Town by other government agencies, (such as Washington County, Fire Districts, School Districts), also will be posted here.

For board and commission/committee meeting agendas and minutes click on Boards and Commissions. For Town staff contact information click on Departments. See below for all relevant documents.

General Public Notices

New England Excess Exchange Notice of Act 250 Application Filing.


Local Government: Special Meetings, Public Hearings, Election Information

The Town of Barre will be holding tax sales on Tuesday, November 20, 2018.  For more information click on the links for the various property locations: 

The Town of Barre Selectboard wil be holding a public hearing (second reading)on Tuesday, November 13, 2028 during their meeting,  for a proposed ordinance amendment for Townto ensure that:  1) Behaviors, such as alcohol use is prohibited in the Recreation Area, Town Forest,and on the bike paths; 2) Marijuana use on recreation properties is prohibited; and 3) Some other minor items.  To read the proposed ordinance amendment click here or contact the Town Manager's Office at 802-479-9331 or email

 The City of Barre and Town of Barre are seeking proposals for contracted property assessing services for their respective communities.   For more information click here for general information or  click on "Request for Proposal" to view the job specifics. 

Barre Town School Boards: Meetings
Tri School Board meeting will be held on November 15, 2018.  Click here for more information and the agenda.
 Barre Supervisory Union Policy Committee will hold a meeting on November 19, 2018.  Click here to view the agenda.  



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