Board of Civil Authority/Board of Abatement

Clerk of the Board:
Tina Lunt, Town Clerk
PO Box 124
Websterville,VT  05678-0124

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Board of Civil Authority/Board of Abatement

Justice of the Peace/Board of Civil Authority/Board of Abatement

A Justice of the Peace is also part of the Board of Civil Authority.  A Justice of the Peace can only hold office if he/she is elected at a general election, or appointed to fill a vacancy by the Governor of Vermont.  These elected officials are actually county officers.

To become a Justice of the Peace a person must be a legal voter of the town, submit a petition for office, or have been nominated by a political party caucus.  Political party members will caucus in each town, at a duly warned meeting, on or before the first Tuesday in September in even-numbered years.

The Town of Barre has 15 Justices of the Peace.  The duties fall into five categories of responsibilities:

·        Elections*
·        Tax Abatement and Appeals*
·        Marriages and Civil Unions
·        Oaths and Notary
·        Magistrate.
*Tasks include updating the voter checklist, hearing tax abatements and tax grievance appeals.

Depending on the function, the Board of Civil Authority membership will consist of the Justices of the Peace, the Selectboard, the Town Clerk-Treasurer, and the Town Assessor (for abatement only) as outlined in the Town Charter.

Click here for the Election meeting minutes. For the next meeting of the Board of Civil Authority, please see the town calendar