Energy Committee

The Barre Town Energy Committee is a five-member advisory committee to the Selectboard composed of 1-2 members of the Barre Town Planning Commission and 3-4 members of the community.  The responsibilities of the Energy Committee include:

  • Serve an advisory function concerning the town's energy policy
  • Review state energy policy
  • Develop/implement community outreach and education opportunities to provide residents/businesses with resources to assist reaching the goals/objectives identified in the Barre Town Energy Plan for improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Track municipal energy use and identify opportunities/strategies to improve energy efficiency of town facilities
  • Research grant opportunities to improve energy efficiency for town facilities

The Energy Committee is set up as a temporary, 18-month committee to serve from February 2024 to July 2025.  Before the end of the term, the Selectboard will review the progress of the committee to determine whether to extend, make permanent, or end the committee's charge.

The Committee meets once a month on the first Wednesday starting at 7:00 PM.  Use the link below to remotely attend a meeting through Microsoft Teams:
Click here to join the meeting