The Barre Town Cemetery Division maintains three cemeteries.  The largest is the Wilson Cemetery located in Lower Websterville.  The others are the Maplewood Cemetery located at Farwell and Nichols Roads and the West Hill Cemetery located on Perry Road.  Lots in the Wilson and Maplewood cemeteries may be purchased.

The Sexton and a small group of employees maintain the three town cemeteries from late April through October.  Burials are performed from about May 1 (when ground conditions permit) to November 30 (again depending on weather conditions).  Vault storage is provided at the Wilson Cemetery.  Lots are available for traditional burials, cremains, and mausoleum sites at Maplewood Cemetery and Wilson Cemetery. Columbarium niches are also available at the Wilson Cemetery.

A 5-member commission oversees operation of the cemeteries. Click here for information about the Cemetery Commission. The Cemetery Commission has worked hard to create schematics  and record the genealogical history of each cemetery. Thanks to their hard work, schematics, searchable lists of graves, and historical information of each cemetery is available for each cemetery.

There are three private cemeteries in town.  The St. Sylvester’s Church operates a large cemetery across the street from the Wilson Cemetery.  Lots are available.  There are old, small, private cemeteries at the end of Sherman Drive and off of Averill Road. Click here for infomation on the oldest tombstone in Barre Town, the Susanna Scott gravestone. 

The executive committee of the Flags for Veterans organization is seeking the help in verifying individuals buried in Barre Town and Barre City cemeteries are in fact veterans. To see the list and more information click here.