Maplewood Cemetery

Located in Barre Town, Maplewood Cemetery occupies about three and a half acres of ground at the four way intersection of Farwell Street, Nichols Road, and Pine Hill Road, more specifically, at the northwest corner between Farwell and Nichols. The cemetery, over 200 years old, serves as the final resting place for some of Barre’s early residents. The local American Legion has provided a monument next to the flagpole to honor the veterans, and the Flags for Veterans organization ensures each veteran has a flag each year adding a splash of patriotic color to the graves of our veterans.

Maplewood continues to expand, and still in use, has the potential for growth well into the future. The very oldest sections are not used in current cemetery operations, nor are lots sold in the older areas. Over in Section South 1, some of Barre Town’s earliest settlers can be found. Several Revolutionary War and War of 1812 veterans have been laid to rest in this section. By strolling though the existing monuments, evidence can be found linking many of the early families together through marriage. Some of these families can be found at rest next to each other.

Maplewood has a wide variety of grave stones scattered throughout the cemetery. At some point in time, a schematic map had been developed to show the Maplewood Cemetery. Although schematic, the map did not have any particular scale factor that would allow the proper placement of lots, some of them leaked out over the boundaries and into the street. 

The cemetery commission addressed the issue recently. After labeling a schematic with the existing name(s) for each section, they adopted a new system, now shown on the current schematics. To assist with older data, the names of the old sections have been included on each schematic. These schematics are available below.

Lot information, compared to the schematic map, didn’t always line up with the stones in the cemetery. Many different designations could be found for the same areas as shown on the schematic map. The cemetery commission reviewed the resulting data files and adopted an updated sections designation map. The above mentioned dividing lines and roads came forward to become approximate boundaries for the new designations. The new and the old are shown below:

Old sections appear in the deeds or on the map as:

Westerly area  West, Section 1 
Southerly area   Center, Section A, Section 2, Front, East, New
Notherly area Section 3, Section B, Section E, North
Center area  North, Section 3, Section B, Section E
  Adopted sections
 West [W]  West side of Nichols Road gravel access drive
Mostly unavailable, seldom used
 South 1 [S1]  South of main gravel drive, west of Farwell Street
Still in use, partially undeveloped
North [1] North of main gravel drive, east of West section
Still in use, partially undeveloped
North [2] East of North 1, west of Farwell Street
To be developed for future use
Center of Cemetery Still in use, limited availability

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