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Citizens Assistance Registry for Emergencies

Emergencies can take many forms. Ice storms, floods, fires, major traffic accidents, and similar events can cause power outages, isolate individuals, or prompt the need for evacuation. For elders, or for people with certain disabilities, such events, if prolonged, can become life-threatening if no one is available to help.

CARE (Citizens Assistance Registry for Emergencies) was created by state agencies and United Ways of Vermont to help. CARE is the means for emergency responders to identify and aid those who would need them if there were a widescale emergency. Examples include, but are not limited to, those who would need transportation, a wheelchair van, or have electricity-powered medical equipment.

If you or someone you know might need special help in such an emergency, please register with CARE. The registration form asks for phone numbers, email, needs, and reasons. You may be contacted annually to update your registration. However, please be proactive and update your registration as soon as there is a change to your contact information, especially your home address.

CARE registration does not guarantee your safety, and you will still be responsible for contacting emergency personnel should you feel you are in danger. But, registering with CARE will help first responders help you.

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