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Assessor's Office

  • Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Credit Claim forms for 2024 now available from the Vermont Department of Taxes at the link below. 

    HS-122 & HI-144 FOR 2024

  • The due date for filing an HS-122 (Homestead Declaration) & HI-144 (State Payment) for the 2024-2025 tax year is April 15, 2024 and the deadline is October 15, 2024 with penalty.
  • Our Town-wide property reappraisal project was completed in 2021.  For more information about why the town conducted a reappraisal, see your August Barre Town newsletter here.
  • Lister cards are now available online at this link:  https://www.axisgis.com/Barre_TownVT/ 
The Assessor's Office has the responsibility for the appraisal of all real and personal property located within the Town of Barre. This includes all new properties created either through subdivisions or new buildings and any changes in existing properties whether permitted or not. Records on all properties are kept concerning ownership, value, and physical description of all properties. There is an assessment card for each property which reflects all the pertinent information of that particular property so a fair and accurate appraised value can be made.

The principal responsibility of the Assessor's Office is the valuation of properties and preparation of the Grand List (all properties located within Barre Town) and related procedures according to V.S.A. Title 32 and other Titles and Acts pertaining to assessment and taxation. This includes following any building permits issued to completion in order to have an accurate description of the property when complete inside and out. Tax maps are kept on all parcels and revised as necessary for newly created subdivisions or mergers of land (lots).

Assessor's Office Staff:

Russ Beaudoin, Assessor
(802) 479-2595

Jocelyn Pinardi
Administrative Assistant
(802) 479-2595