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Finance Office

The Finance office is comprised of the Finance Director, Treasurer, and staff. We are responsible for financial oversight while ensuring all resources of the Town are managed and accounted for in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner. The department manages financial functions across all operations including payroll, payables, billing, budget, financial reporting, and grant administration. We provide financial information to departments, the Town Manager, the Selectboard, and residents to inform their decisions.

The Finance Director is hired by the Selectboard and reports directly to the Town Manager.  He/She is responsible for the financial information of the Town and maintains financial records by completing accounting activities as needed for the Town.  A sample of duties includes:

  • Oversee and/or complete accounting, accounts payable and payroll functions;
  • Provide detailed financial statements and reports as required by the Selectboard and Town Manager;
  • Oversee and monitor the nine (9) budgetary funds including reconciliation of general ledger accounts;
  • Complete monthly bank reconciliations;
  • Maintain records for donations, including receipts and use;
  • Work with Department Heads to monitor expenditure levels of departments;
  • Manage grant documentation and compliance reporting, working closely with Department Heads.
The Treasurer is appointed by the Selectboard and reports directly to the Selectboard. He/She is responsible for the monies of the Town. A sample of duties includes:

  • Record the amount voted for support of highways, special departments and general town purposes;
  • Collect taxes, assessments, charges and levies, including delinquencies in the hands of the tax collector and maintain a record of monies collected and uncollected;
  • Record and deposit cash receipts, with the assistance of the Assistant Treasurer;
  • Pay the bills of the Town as authorized;
  • Review Bank Reconciliations.
Together the Finance Director and Treasurer work hand in hand to:

  • Monitor cash flow;
  • Assist in budget development;
  • Develop, document and update financial procedures and policies as needed or required;
  • Assist external auditors by providing needed data and responding to inquiries.
The Finance Director does not have signatory authority on any financial accounts; this responsibility lies with the Treasurer. 

The Finance Director and Treasurer shall give a bond conditioned for the faithful performance of duties.  The bond shall be of a sum and with such surety as approved by the Selectboard and the premium for such bond shall be paid by the Town.

Finance Office Staff:

Katelyn Kran, Finance Director

Wendy Moore, Finance Clerk

Jennifer Allard, Treasurer
(802) 479-9391