Planning and Zoning

Chris Violette, Planning & Zoning Administrator
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Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department is essentially two separate entities. Although they are closely related, they have two entirely different functions. 

The Planning side deals with how the Town develops, ensuring that current subdivision regulations are followed, the Town Plan recommendations implemented, and helping to ensure controlled orderly growth. 

The Zoning function is to ensure that the zoning bylaws are followed.  This can mean anything from issuing building permits, certificates of occupancy, and  zoning enforcement.  The function of zoning is to make sure everybody in town is using the same guidelines as they develop property and it attempts to control unsightly areas making our town a great place to live. If you are developing or planning to in the near future, our office is a good place to start.  Most development permits come from this office. All available permits and forms can be found on the Permit and Forms page.
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