Bike Paths

(Click here for the bike path trail map.) 

Barre Town has three bike paths for public use.

One paved bike path begins at Bridge Street, (off Route 14), next to the Stevens Branch in the village of South Barre. The 1-mile path extends to Fairview Street in Barre City. Along the way, it passes near Barre City's playground and outdoor swimming pool.

A second bike path is in East Barre, accessible from Websterville Road and Millstone Boulevard.

EastBBikePathThe start of the East Barre Bike Path.

A third bike path, Millstone Hill West, connects the Barre Town School and recreation/athletic complex to the village of Lower Graniteville. This bike path is approximately 10 feet wide and meets ADA standards. There are benches along the trail to use. Accessible parking is located at the Barre Town Middle & Elementary School (Websterville Road), the Lower Graniteville picnic area (Graniteville Road), and the Graniteville Presbyterian Church (Graniteville Road). From the school, the path runs through the woods in the direction of Compo Street, it crosses in front of the Rock of Ages Craftsmen Center and over the historic pony truss bridge.

fall bike path - Copy
A section of the Millstone Hill West Bike Path

These paths are part of the Central Vermont Pathway, a planned network of connected bike paths that will extend from Barre Town to downtown Montpelier (Granite Street). Montpelier, Barre, and Berlin are working on their own sections of the pathway. The East Barre portion of this project is well underway and will be completed some time in the near future. In Barre Town's long-range plans, the villages of East Barre, Upper Websterville, and Upper Graniteville will also be connected to the pathway.
The Cross Vermont Trail, a multi-use recreation trail extending from Burlington to the Connecticut River Valley, will touch the northwestern corner of Barre Town near U.S. Route 2.