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Rules and Policies

Due to the varying nature of our different facilities, they have slightly different rules and policies. Click below to view. 

Barre Town Recreation Guidelines

Code of Conduct
The benefits of Recreation are endless - promoting health, building strong families, and creating a sense of community. To ensure the quality of programs and public safety, all program participants, parents, spectators, instructors, and volunteers are asked to abide by this Code of Conduct:

  • All persons shall act with respect towards others.
  • Comply with requests from Town officials, staff and any program organizers or instructors. Comply with any rules of the program, event or class and the rules of the facility where the program, event or class is being held.
  • Act with character and courtesy while respecting the rights, welfare and dignity of all others. Refrain from any lewd, obscene or indecent conduct or expression, including profanity, harassment, discrimination, threats, intimidation or offensive remarks.
  • Act in a safe, responsible manner regarding themselves and others. Refrain from any action, which in the judgment of any Town official, staff or program organizer or instructor to constitute an attempt to inflict, or the actual infliction of, or injury to other participants and/or staff.
  • Selling, possessing, using or being under the influence of illegal drugs, marijuana, nicotine products or alcohol is prohibited.
  • Selling, possessing or use of dangerous or unauthorized materials such as firearms, weapons, or other similar items is prohibited.
  • Carry in – carry out your waste and recyclables, or place in the trash and recycling barrels when available.
  • Adhere to the rules & town ordinances.
Participants engaging in inappropriate behavior or violating these guidelines may be removed from the recreation facility.
Photo Policy
Photographs and videos may be taken during Barre Town Recreation events. These photographs and names may be used in future flyers, the town website, town Facebook pages, newsletters, reports and local newspapers. If you don't want to have you and/or your child photographed and name published, please let us know ahead of time. Pictures are a nice way to show others what the programs look like.
Personal Belongings
Barre Town is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
Adopted by the Recreation Board October 1, 2018